Sunday, July 18, 2010

parenting tip 101

one of my favorite things is to store parenting ideas to use when my children are older.
i have a little notebook full of them.
if i find ideas that strike me for my kids this age,
then i use the ideas now.
i recently read an idea on sixtimesthefun for her summer schedule.
i will be using this schedule when my children are older.
we already journal on sundays,
but i love some of her prompts.
i really love the memorizing idea.
what a way to keep a brain sharp & full of inspirational thoughts.
i come across so many quotes that i would love to be stored in my children's brains.
since there won't be any memorizing going on around here for quite some time
i will just use this blog to store the quote material for another time.
the quote stuck in my mind as of late is this...

"out of clutter, find simplicity.
from discord, find harmony.
in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

albert einstein

this will be stored in the memory bank for the next few years.

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