Tuesday, July 13, 2010

our cottage

our cottage was perfect.
it was at the end of a dead end street on a gravel street.
on one side we had a forest
on the other side we had crusty neighbors.
they didn't like 4th of july celebrations;
they thought they were obnoxious.
they also told us how to park our car.
still a great location though.
it was about 1200 sq. ft. total.
it was cozy and very comfortable.
that's what we like
and we have a rejuvenated take on small homes with much detail.
we had a family room, kitchen, bathroom on the main floor.
upstairs there was a bedroom and area that could be used as an office.
it felt very "loftish" up there.
i loved having everyone so close to all the living you do every day.
it was well laid out,
and no space was wasted.
we were cozy and liked it.
they had great windows.
i loved sleeping with them open,
and i loved how easy they were to open.
the decor wasn't great,
but we could live with that.

when we arrived it smelled musty like the sea,
and when we left it still smelled like milky bacon that we cooked for our 4th of july breakfast.
those were my only complaints.

1 comment:

Arin and Troy said...

I thought the house was perfect. Too bad the bacon smell stuck, maybe we should have gone with the sausage...

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