Sunday, March 27, 2011

quickly approaching

maggie's 1st birthday is quickly approaching.
this friday,
april 1st,
april fools day to be exact.
where did the time go?
my mind always spins in grandiose ideas,
and i freak out about plans for weeks,
and then i stay up all night for 3 days before the event.
not this time.
this time i want to remember my baby,
how she came into this earth,
and all she has offered this 1st year,
and dream about what is to come.
i'm going to remember people
and not just stress about decorations.
in fact, i'm so ahead of the game that i'm devoting sister craft tomorrow to completing all the decorations that i do have planned,
and then i will be finished,
until the fun begins on friday.
wish me luck!


katwalk said...

cute!!is that a battle scar on her face?

Arin and Troy said...

I hope your crafting day was productive. You will have to call and let me know how things went.

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