Tuesday, March 8, 2011

boeuf bourguignon soup

meatless march ended today.
going meatless was fine;
there was no problem.
it just took us only a week to come to the conclusion that we were searching for.
we don't have any problem eating meat.
our problem is with the inhumane way that the meat we eat is processed.
it is not a good thing.
(ever watched food, inc.?)
i just feel too much of a responsibility to the animals that inhabit this earth.
in my mind there is an unspoken trust between humans and animals.
they are providing us with a type of life sustaining nourishment,
and in turn i feel like they trust us to allow them to have a full & meaningful life.
i'm sorry,
but when we support chicken farmers who cram their chickens into a cage on top of 100s of other chickens and inject them with so many growth hormones that they grow so fast that they can't stand just so we can have large chicken breasts for only $1.29/lb.,
then we are violating that trust
and sabotaging that relationship.
so, not eating meat is more of a moral issue to us.
perhaps it's not the absence of meat that we are seeking.
it's the abandonment from a purchase that we don't feel good about that we are going for.
so, we may add meat back to our diet a couple of times of week,
but we are going to put our dollar where our heart is.
we are currently searching for a local farmer who is like-minded.

so, in an attempt to empty our freezer
i made beef stew tonight.
beef stew that kicks "boot-tey"!
it gave me my first experience of having to go to the liquor store.
i used this recipe from martha stewart.
and i will definitely be making it again.
next time it will just be from ribs of cow who grazed happily in an open field all of their days.


Abbey said...

To bad you don't live closer to us, I have an awesome farm we use that raises beef and pork. And nearby we get Amish raised chickens. Good luck on the search. Also, feel free to keep posting what you are feeding the family. I love the ideas!

Abbey said...

I went to high school with Pete, and added you to my reader when he was in the hospital. I hope that makes my commenting on your blog less weird.

Ganny said...

The universe is in a dire situation. Humans are acting like animals and animals are acting like humans. The day of the local farmer has diminished. I grew up on a farm that was our only resource. We raised our food.We never went hungry, sometimes it was not what tasted best, It was what we had and no options.We had many meatless days.We were not labeled vegetarians. We drank water from a cistern, (yuk) that was drawn up with a bucket on a rope. no bottled water, or faucet. We played in a creek on the way home from school, caught minnows in our lunch box(syrup bucket) and packed our lunch in it the next day. Oh, and cows were in the area drinking and whatever. Back then it was not any concern of government CONTROL.
I am totally against the injections given to animals to promote growth. A chemical that is spread on the fields to produce a higher yield is also used to make Meth. What can we do???? NOTHING. It is a sad day that we have become so exposed to unrealistic things, that affects our minds and bodies.

Arin and Troy said...

Just one more reason you guys need to move to Boise. I just found this farm in Kuna we are going to start buying from. They even deliver once a month. :) http://www.vogelfarmscountrymarket.com/

We will have to go check it out when you guys come up.

prcessmag said...

Jen!! We feel the same way! We watched Food inc a little while back and it's truly disgusting what these companies do to animals. KSL has some adds on farm raised cows, we have been looking into it. My mom found someone in Layton, the thing is that you have to buy a whole cow or half a cow which is still a lot of meat, but if you find a few people to go in on it and split it with.

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