Tuesday, March 1, 2011

meatless march

our little family has officially declared the month of march to be meatless.
don't ask why.
it's too hard to write in a blog post.
simply stated...
we just want to try it.
quite a few people have asked what we would be eating this month,
and to be honest, i don't have the menu planned.
however, i'm confident that i have plenty of meals that i can prepare,
and there are plenty of new things that i can find if needed.
so, for those of you wondering what we will be eating,
i will share with you every night.
(with pictures depending on how enthusiastic i'm feeling).

our menu tonight...

roasted butternut squash orzo salad (recipe here)
focaccia bread (recipe here)

a few things about this meal...
i could eat that salad for every meal and never tire of it.
it is DELISH!
i use that focaccia bread recipe a lot.
however, i don't use rosemary.
i substitute dried basil.
i also don't make the herb butter.
instead i drizzle the butter and olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder.
and i make sure it DOES NOT overcook!
a minute undercooked is just about perfect.
i also know watermelon is not in season in the USA.
however, my kids LOVE watermelon,
and the first time it becomes available at costco,
we buy it.
oh, and i'm lucky i don't have picky eaters.
that will certainly help make meatless march a breeze.

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katwalk said...

thinking you'll have to eat meat on the 28th.

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