Friday, March 18, 2011

friday book review: diary of a worm

diary of a worm
by doreen cronin
suggested reading level: 4-8

this is the diary of a worm. this worm lives with his parents, plays with his friend spider, and even goes to school. the life of this worm is very different from the life we live. he never has to take a bath, he gets to eat his homework, never goes to the dentist, and he has to spend his time trying to not get smashed by children playing hopscotch or escaping from people digging for fishing bait. this is a funny picture book that hysterically describes the happenings of a silly, little worm in a big worm world.

this is a pretty cute book.
my boys enjoy reading it for very different reasons.
will loves to read it backwards (like starting with the last page and finishing with the first).
it actually reads well that way, too.
sam loves it because he also loves writing everything down.
since reading the book,
sam has been turning any paper he can get his hands on into a journal.
kind of like the one below.
one page is of us in our van in the parking lot almost getting backed into by another car.
(a true traumatic experience.)
the other page is of our beach house in oregon.
i'm going to love any book that inspires creativity in my children,
ESPECIALLY journal writing.
i must admit, i'm a huge fan of journals.
so much so i even loved reading the journal of a worm.

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