Friday, March 11, 2011

friday book review: christina katerina and the box

christina katerina and the box
by patrica lee gauch
suggested reading level: ages 3-8

christina katerina loves all types of boxes but especially big boxes, like the one that arrived with her mother's new refrigerator. this box becomes all kinds of wonderful things for her and her friend fats watson, including a castle, a clubhouse, and a car. just when you think this box is heading to the trash christina has another idea for it. christina katerina is a sweet, daring, and scruffy girl who makes her adventures seem real. and who can argue with a girl whose best friend is named fats watson? the illustrations are simple, but they truly capture a child's world.

i don't buy books often,
but this one is in my cart on amazon.
this is a timeless classic that we have all enjoyed.
my boys want to read it over and over.
it's even my 1st choice of books to read to them.
this book has sparked so much creativity in my boys.
after reading it the 1st time they went right to work with the milk and orange boxes that we had.
after days of creating skyscrapers, beds, and trains,
i tracked down 2 washer & dryer boxes at a local appliance store.
let's just say that has been such a treat that i've allowed these boxes to remain in my front room for 2 weeks,
and we still have a whole set of adventures left with these boxes.
we have had many playhouses, pirate ships, secret agent hideouts, race cars, sleeping tents (yes, they really slept in them), spiderman skyscrapers, and on and on.
this story is most definitely my style of book,
and i love the simple message of creativity in children.
love, love.


Pete said...

When we have one of those conversations when your having a bad day and you ask me what are you doing right... if anything at all ( your words) Just remember this post. Your a great mom!

Kristen said...

You are such a fun mommy! I love this post. And... what an adventurous cook! I am amazed at the recipies you are willing to try!!! They look delicious.

FYI: I read your post about the soup (that required the trip to the liquor store), and wanted to make sure you know that the alcohol doesn't "cook off" like most people think it does. I don't know if that matters to you or not, but just wanted to let you know. Here is an article on it--(

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