Monday, March 7, 2011

a happy place

this is my official announcement:
i am ridding my home of all things that don't make me happy.
it's so full of things,
so many things that have no value, purpose, or meaning.
i'm tired of my life and home being so full of these things.
i'm in process of simplifying everything.
i don't care if i only have 12 things in my house when i'm finished.
because guess why?
all of those things that are left will make me happy.
this is going to be work.
some of you know me very personally and will know the magnitude of this project.
but here goes nothing.


The Nickell Family said...

YOU GO GIRL! You've inspired me....

Heidi said...

Ohh! This is good! You will be SO relieved to have simplicity reign in your home. I'm on this kick again too and recently went through all the closets. I got rid of seven bags and I still want to do more! Kind'of addictive, but it feels so great to let go of THINGS and prioritize more important parts of life. Way to go girl! Keep updating on how it goes. I want to hear more. :)

Ganny said...

Be sure and keep your priorties straight now. Keep ALL fabric. All Sew Beautiful magazines. ALL quilting books. Let go of maybe the dust mop, vacumn cleaner, and those sort of things.

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