Monday, April 6, 2009

spring break, we were ready

we were ready to have pete home for a week, no commitments, just home.
we were ready to have a beautiful spring day with sun shining.
we were ready for blue skies and clean air.
we were ready for long morning walks and bike rides around the block.
we were ready to tackle projects in the yard, cutting the grass, tilling soil, and feeling the earth in our hands.
we were ready to see our boys running barefoot in the grass, rolling down our grassy hill, gently making worm homes in a bucket of mud, watching them laugh wildly while twisting each other in the swing.
but come on, were we really ready for this...???


Ashly said...

I love it! Isn't childhood great?

katwalk said...

I'm not quite sure what sam's laying in is it water, dirt or concrete? It looks kinda fun. And I'm glad he went past what the neighbors might think of a kid in his underwear sure glad I raised my kids in a place where you could run freely in what ever you wanted Glad sam got that feeling for a brief moment. Of coarse I think people should lighten up about kids and clothes. More people should skinny dip don't you think, jen Remember when you and Emlily.......and if you where a utah girl life just might not of been so full of fun. Nothing against utah girls really.

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

Is that water? Leave it to Sam....

Arin and Troy said...

He looks like he is enjoying himself, and isnt that what really matters?? :) Areny you glad he took his clothes off first though?

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