Wednesday, April 29, 2009

pacifier posse

hey pacifier posse,
is it too late for will to join? i know he has never sucked on a pacifier in his life, but once he caught wind of this club he thought he would give it a try. i think he might have liked it more than he thought he would. this is how i found him today as he woke up from his nap; he has only ever used this pacifier for his baby dolls, and i think he was a little ashamed to be found sucking on it.

he tried it again this evening, and when he realized i had seen him he quickly took it out of his mouth declaring it was just for "baby". hopefully though, you could make room for him in this posse???


Heidi said...

Cute! What a big boy that he even knows its just for babies. I hope Lilly catches wind of that one. :)

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

"Sista Girl" says he's in.

Arin and Troy said...

who would have thought Will was an in the closet pacifier junkie? ha ha!

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