Sunday, April 19, 2009

i don't want to grow up

another touching bedtime conversation with sam tonight...

sam: mom, when will i grow up?

me: you're growing bigger and bigger everyday, but you won't be all grown up until you are 20. then you won't live at home anymore because you will be a big daddy.

sam: (with a look & voice of sheer panic) but, mommy, i don't want to grow up! i don't want to have a 20 birthday! tell everyone i don't want to have a birthday! i want to stay at home! i want to be your boy!

me: (with tears burning the eyes) you will always be my boy even when you are grown up.

sam: so you were just kidding?

i wish i was just kidding. i don't want these boys to have a 20 birthday either.


Ganny said...

Oh how sad!!!!!!!!! Ganny

Arin and Troy said...

Tell Sam thanks for making me laugh out loud! I sure hope Stockton feels the same way!

Ashly said...

That is really, really cute!!!! I feel like that with Clark. You never want them to grow up all the way!

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