Tuesday, April 7, 2009

conference weekend

i know it's not conference weekend anymore, but i'm still enjoying the memory of our conference weekend. what a great privilege that we have to watch from our home, but this is not how we enjoy it the best. with 2 little ones there's not much opportunity to sit and watch. we have it on the tv all weekend and love it filling our home, but how we enjoy it best is on the radio in the car (another great privilege). our favorite tradition is the sunday afternoon session where we load up in the car and go on a long drive to a fun destination that we don't normally go. this session we found ourselves at stansbury island, and we loved it. the island was secluded, beautiful, and peaceful. several priceless moments... seeing our boys (including calvin) running so free and uninhibited, having the boys climb to the top of a peak almost completely on their own, throwing rocks off the cliff, but the most priceless was having sam spontaneously pee off the cliff. that kid...!
i hate that i always forget we live smack in the middle of all these lovely places and don't take advantage enough. i've wondered a lot if we will be here forever or if life will take us on another adventure in a different location. i often find myself wishing for that and dreaming of how perfect and beautiful that place will be. then it hit me today that no matter where we are it's the same sky, the same beautiful sun, the same air, and the same dirt. these things are everywhere and no more perfect in another place.

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