Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the glass castle

ok, i just finished reading the book The Glass Castle. i read it so quickly i didn't even have time to post it as a current read. i LOVED it! i can't seem to get much of a response from anyone that i try to discuss it with because no one seems to have read it. it touched me so deeply that i feel like i could ramble on for hours, but i won't. i will just say that it was a very powerful reminder to me that we really can become something despite our circumstances. also a reminder that important values like family support and relationships, making the best of what we have been dealt and finding the good in it, having dreams and actually working toward them are all lessons that have to be taught regardless of our status in life. perhaps there is a little something we could all relate to or have compassion on in this book. i know i could relate to the sibling relationships and the drive, discipline, and the plan to mold your life into your dream. did i mention how much i LOVED this book. as much as i want to discuss it i'm still a little speechless about the emotion it left me with. READ it; i hope it evokes powerful feelings in you, too.

click here to read a summary of the memoir


MaryKate said...

I read that too and loved it. I still can't believe that it's a true story. I can't even imagine living her life, but somehow it all worked out. Any way, good read!! You will have to read Snow Flower and THe secret Fan. It is also a good one.

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

I can't wait to read it...I am going to the library's website right now.

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