Sunday, March 8, 2009

sam's 1st talk

sam gave his 1st primary talk today. he's getting so big we can't believe it! the topic was "every family has different responsibilities." he basically came up with the idea himself and i put it into action for him. he didn't have a bit of stage fright; he had more of the case of "spotlight"- he loved all the attention on him.  hearing his perceptions of what we do in our family warmed my heart; i hope being his mother always feels so wonderful. we are so proud of you, sam! here's his final practice before church... (the script posted below the video is mostly just for us to remember his words) oh, don't forget to pause the music on the sidebar so you can hear the talk.

"my name is sam.
every family has jobs.
everyone in my family has different jobs.
my dad's jobs are... to go to work at school, teach me to build and work, teach me to be happy.

my mom's jobs are... to cook dinner, go to the grocery store, give the kids a bath, and teach the kids to make good choices (that idea was prompted)

my jobs are... to pick up my toys, put my trash in the garbage can, make my bed, and play with my brother

my brother's jobs are... to play nicely with me, throw his trash in the garbage

jesus teaches all families to love one another and be nice to everyone."


katwalk said...

good job sam looks like that all worked well did he raise up his shirt at church??

sarah jane said...

that was so cute. i wish i could have been there.

Briana Walker said...

sam is apostle material already.

The Nickell Family said...

The shirt coming up is classic.

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