Friday, March 27, 2009

in need of some new material

case in point, how much longer can i really keep practicing my bow & arrow skills & allowing sam to take pics like this!?
ok, i had to face it, i can only play so much batman/superman/spiderman, make so many batches of cookies, go on so many walks to the park, take so many baths in the sink, read so many stories, change so many dirty clothes, scrub so many floors and erase so many handprints and art projects off the walls, watch so much bob the builder, go to so much story time at the library, jump on the trampoline, make pillow castles, teach so many home-school lessons, cook so many creative meals and snacks, make so many spontaneous dress up costumes like Indian headbands. are you getting the point? while i love doing all of these things (most of the time, except for when i really want/need a sewing break, alone time, or a chance to sit in peace and quiet.), i'm ready for some new material and ideas. i think maybe the boys need it, too. based on their whiny behavior the last few days, i'm quite certain they need something new. PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know what all of you other mothers out there are doing to teach, feed, and entertain your kiddos. i think i will reward you all, myself majorly included, with a regular list of children's activities. perhaps it will help us all, children included.


Lindsay said...

These activities have always been a big hit with my kids when they are toddlers:

1. Reading time at the main library in SLC on 400 South because they sometimes do a craft afterwards or have a treat then let the kids play in the cool playrooms. They have great kids events listed on their website.

2. Classic fun center in Layton- look on their website for really great deals!!!

3. Children's museum 6 month membership fall/winter then hogle zoo in the spring/summer (I used to hit the library before the zoo). Both museum and zoo have special events listed on their websites.

4. Choose a new park we hadn't been to before then go to Spanky's or Artic Circle for cheap ice cream.

katwalk said...

what about a picnic or color eggs and have a hunt then eat the eggs you can do it at other times than easter cos a egg hunt is always fun and with sam's new egg freedom he could try them boiled

Meghan said...

well, if you're asking me (and i think you were), it sounds like there is a fair amount of variety in there. you sound like a super fun mom. (the sink tub, awesome. loved little will with the sippy lid.and too bad sam doesn't have much to say).

there is a cool park in fruit heights that is a castle (just off hwy 89). i like to stroller to the grocery store and get everybody soft serve ice cream... dicks might be close enough? also, forts are a big huge hit at our house.

ps. ty suggested somersaults and checkers. its a good thing we are the moms.

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