Sunday, March 22, 2009

relaxing weekend

this picture looks like our weekend felt. simply relaxing.
it was nice to have a break from the normal weekend grind. for the last 5 years i swear we have used every saturday to work on some remodeling project on our abode. we keep thinking the projects will end once the house is finished. yesterday we decided to live as if they were; that equalled NO WORKING ON THE HOUSE, and it was nice. do you guys spend every saturday working or do you eventually get done? just wondering what we have to look forward to. 

today was a great break, too. we only had 2 hours of church. i really think i could get used to a schedule like that. 

i loved sitting around, going to the fabric store alone, playing outside with the kiddos, going out with pete in the middle of the day with no kiddos, inventing some new things behind the sewing machine, walks around the block with all of us, and reading a great book (little pink house). a well needed break; the grind will be hard to start again tomorrow. farewell, fabulous weekend!


Arin and Troy said...

I LOVE weekends like that! We have been trying to enjoy weekends like that, but now with the good weather coming, I am anxious to do some outside projects. YAY!

The Nickell Family said...

We love weekends like even though they are few and far between. My friend gave us a good really hard until noon on Saturday and then you're done and you go play and ENJOY yourself. We haven't done that yet but I keep telling myself we'll try.

sarah jane said...

we have had a change moving from house to apartment, we find ourselves looking for stuff to do. sad but true

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