Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poor Will!

will got to experience his father's parenting philosophy at its best tonight. pete gave him a 2 liter bottle of orange pop that still had about 3 inches left in the bottom. i was unaware this was happening until i turned just in time to see will trying to guzzle it. can you guess what happened next? it spilled all over him and what did make it in was coming out of his nose. instant tears as you can imagine. i asked pete why he gave him the whole bottle, and he responded that... 
"it was a valuable life lesson for scooter, kind of  like if your teenager wants to smoke then give them a pack of cigarettes and make them smoke the whole pack. that should make them not want to smoke anymore."
well, i'm not sure about that, and i'm not sure the connection was made. i think i prefer the good ole' philosophy of just not giving a 19-month old a 2-liter bottle of soda to guzzle. i guess we all bring something to the table though. :)

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Ashly said...

What do you do?? Boys will be boys

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