Sunday, March 8, 2009

i choose this

i remember the sundays pre-children. pete and i would lay in bed, read the paper, watch movies, putter around the house with nothing to do. there was togetherness and moments of needed solitude. there was silence. since we've had kids we have had moments of longing for those sundays back. after this morning though, we choose this...

snuggling in bed with the kids
tickling each other
watching bob the builder
laughing at will trying to get his shirt off
listening to sam's "made-up" stories about how 
too many people throw their garbage in the ocean
and hurt the animals so they have to go to the animal
doctor until the worker tells all the people to not throw
their garbage in the ocean anymore. (WOW! all on his own)

i don't remember anything i ever read in the paper way back when, but i will always remember the moments like this.

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