Monday, March 30, 2009

out of the mouth of babes

i love how little children's minds work, and i'm so happy that i have 2 clever little minds living here. here are some conversations that happened over the weekend that i found to be hilarious.


he has been showing an early interest in using the potty, so i've decided to roll with it hoping he can be an early potty trained child. (wouldn't that be nice!) i help him sit on the potty a couple of times a day, and sometimes he wants to wear underwear. on this particular day, i took his wet diaper off and asked him if he wanted big boys on, and this was his response...
"noooo, i, baby!"

well, that settled that. babies don't wear big boys.

on sunday he was at his grandma jane's with his cousins. sam had taken his 6-year old cousin's dinosaur. upon returning back his cousin noticed it had a bite bark. he asked sam why he bit it and he said he was trying to clean it. his cousins response was this...
"sam, if you're trying to clean something you don't bite it, you lick it!"

i'll try to remember that, lick to clean!

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katwalk said...

try to keep him a baby as long as you can because soon he'll be saying I'm not a baby

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