Saturday, March 7, 2009

My House

my house and i have an interesting relationship. i know we were put here for a reason, and pete & i are certain what that reason is, but we don't love this house. why am i writing this post? i just feel like complaining a little about things that bother me too much sometimes, especially today. don't get me wrong, i'm grateful i have a house and pay so little for it, and i know it would be a mansion in comparison to the majority of the world. occassionally i just get too caught up in the things i hate instead of being grateful and making the best of what i have. today was one of those days. so here's my list....

i love...
*my purple walls, white chair-rail, and black front door.

*my black hutch

*my salon room

*the red couch
*sam's room; it's always so bright with all the natural light, and i love that his door is set in at an angle

*the bead-board in will's room
*our lovely flower beds that we enjoy all seasons but winter

i hate...
*our flat roof

(thank goodness the yard looks nothing like 
this anymore! the bushes are gone and been 
replaced with beautiful flower beds.)
*our pink oven and stove; no matter how much i scrub, it's still 53 years old and you can tell 

*our old windows that look horrible from the outside, collect bugs and cobwebs in between the panels on the inside, and let in a draft all winter
*all of our new white doors that we still haven't painted
*no pantry
*the 53 year old dust that seems to be permanently plastered in every corner
*how dark and undecorated our bedroom is; oh, and did i mention the closet doors?
*pete hates the 1 car garage and the sloped lot, so i guess i hate that, too
*the old rock mantle on our fireplace
*everything that is gross old, not restored vintage old
*the smell; i wish it smelled like tide laundry soap and downy fabric softner, but it doesn't

i mostly hate how it feels when other people are here. don't get me wrong, i LOVE when people come over, but i especially hate how much house feels dirtier when someone else is here. the floors, the fridge, the walls, the closets, the high chair (heck, all the chairs!), the baseboards, the blinds, the laundry piles, the light switch plates, everything just feels dirtier when someone new is here to see the mess we have grown accustomed to. i just wish my house felt cozier, more inviting, more comfortable. the kind of house where people come in, get cozy, kick their feet up, and never want to leave. that's my dream house, and i'm still trying with all my might to turn this house into that as long as we are here. 

oh, and it's all so much worse on the weekend for some reason....


Belnaps said...

I love your above ground basement...your sloped lot gives you SO much light down there and I'm jealous. Ours feels like a prison in the Winter. And we're so glad you're here in the neighborhood!!!

Jocee Bergeson said...

OK, I have to disagree with you on one thing. I LOVE the flat roof. Just love it. Don't know why but I think it's so cool and retro. And I also love your pink oven. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Also, I have to agree....certain things are much worse on the weekend. I think part of it is our expectations. We think the weekend will be wonderful and then we're home and finally have 10 seconds to breath, but things usually don't go quite as we wished they would and then all of a sudden we're frustrated. And in your case, you're home and have some time to look around to see where you live and maybe it's just not quite what you wished it was. ;)

Ganny said...

OH JENNIFER it is not all that bad.Just keep busy with that sewing machine, making more messes than you have time to clean up. Spray the covwebs a soothing color, Bake a pan of brownies in the pink over. Sit down and eat a few, let the boys drop a few crumbs for Calvin. Then in these extreme uncertain times, Thank God You do not have an enormous house payment. Kive Ganny

Ganny said...

My spelling went wacko..,. LOVE Gannt

Ganny said...

I do know how to spell ganny

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