Wednesday, August 17, 2016

summer field trip

some times we run out of food.
i take feeding my family seriously,
but it stresses me out.
i don't have a food system
or a regular grocery store day.
sometimes i plan,
and sometimes i wing it.
but when there is no plan,
or no food,
then i take the kids to breakfast at einstein's and call it a summer breakfast date.
everyone was well pleased.
sam tried something new...
hash brown bagel with plain cream cheese.
maggie and will enjoyed cinnamon sugar,
and my usual is jalapeƱo cheddar.
and i enforced the "everyone shares the orange juice rule".
i don't think everyone always gets to order their own everything;
i think sharing needs to happen often.
thats what we did today.
and we had a summer field trip...
one of my favorites.
bountiful culinary water treatment plant.
i love water,
i love learning about it,
and i love my kids learning about it, too.
they act like they don't like it,
but i know they actually do.
i can tell by their questions.
finished out the day with adidas cup for sam.
i hate this tournament.
traffic is such a bear;
it really blows getting there.
it's in west jordan,
but can sometimes take an hour to get there.
we lost all 3 games.
sometimes i wonder if i cause by my negative vibe at this tournament.
sam did get to play forward for the 1st time on this team.
that was exciting,
and in his words,
"he felt like he was home."
we had owen along.
he's like a brother.
and will is like a brother to him.
that's how they skate.
i love these boys.

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