Monday, August 15, 2016

cup caking

sam loves watching cupcake wars.
he also loves baking.
especially chocolate chip cookies.
he is rather good at it too,
and capable of doing it without help in the kitchen...
like the time he made cookies for my salon
and the time he invented the cookie cupcake.
today sam and will decided to do our own modified version of cupcake wars.
sam found a recipe in a cookbook for a gourmet chocolate cupcake with ganache.
we all started with the chocolate cupcake,
made vanilla cream cheese frosting,
and added one ingredient for everyone to share.
will...caramel sauce
and then all were judged on presentation and taste.
sam won taste.
it was the subtle cinnamon mixed with his banana filling that launched him to the top.
will was a close 2nd with his caramel filling.
i was a competitor with my banana split.
pete was sketchy with his skittles and coconut,
and maggie struggled with too much cinnamon.
fun had by all though
and family connection that gave us all a prize.


Pete Vanderlinden said...

This compitition was sooooo fun!!! I am a little confused about my cupcake being "sketchy" though.... I thought it was divine, thank you very much. Haha.

harada57 said...
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