Monday, August 22, 2016

centerville olympics 2016

we love the olympics!
we watched them often at home this summer while they were happening in rio.
sam watched constantly.
we were inspired by the talent.
and inspired by michael phelps,
his physical ability, all his medals, and his class and sportsmanship.
the best was watching him not come unglued while be taunted before his swim by his opponent.
my young athlete children were inspired.
and their mother was inspired to host our own olympics.
down to the wire before the start of school,
we had to pull the trigger today.
it was spontaneous,
not pinterest worthy,
but was more fun than one could ever represent on pinterest.
we called a few friends...
owen and annie smith, tucker & jenna, eli & owen,
and they all came.
long jump, sprint, relay, gymnastics floor routine, and balance beam were all well represented events.
the athletes took it all very seriously,
right down to making medals out of pringles lids, cardboard, and canning lids,
coloring a country flag,
participating in opening ceremony introductions,
choosing a relay team and where everyone should be placed.
they switched up the relay teams 3 times for 3 races,
and their enthusiasm or energy level never faded.
the upset was tucker bringing him home for his teammates maggie and sam
and then admitted he cheated,
so will's team stole 1st place right out from under them.
the sprint was an upset, too,
thanks to owen smith.
he took 3rd place right away from the other owen by making a comeback and crossing the finish line 1 stride ahead.
maggie rocked the balance beam by actually doing cartwheels on it.
annie killed the floor routine on the tramp
and almost killed herself when she went flying off the tramp into a pile of pine needles and logs.
so many wins for all.
even down to the $ store treats of pringles, cry babies, gummy bears, and root bear float popsicles.
my kids have requested olympics far more often than every 4 years...
they were hoping for twice a month.
so grateful i honored the interest inside of me to host this
and so grateful for what i learned about keeping things simple.
best olympians centerville has had to date.


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