Thursday, August 4, 2016

lemonade: worth it

the kids wanted to do a lemonade stand today.
i don't love lemonade stands.
they feel like too much work and mess.
(i do like seeing the signs they make though.)
and after the work and mess,
will enough people stop to make it worth it?
today was worth it.
it wasn't a mess.
i enjoyed it actually.
enjoyed seeing my kids work together and not be fighting.
seeing them choose the perfect spot,
under a shade tree,
in front of a church for parking,
and on a busy street.
i enjoyed seeing them look people in the eye and be talkative even if it was as stretch for them.
enjoyed the colored car game,
even if not 1 white car stopped for sam
and even if i won with silver.
(i guess people driving silver cars like lemonade the most.)
i enjoyed seeing the boys give away free lemonade to the teenagers on skateboards
and the mosquito abatement lady.
and enjoyed every teenage boy that stopped who relieved their summer childhood through a glass of lemonade and a big tip.
i enjoyed seeing the realization my kids had that teenagers are actually nice people
and the realization that they have never known a naughty teenager.
(hope that they will remember they can be a nice teenager too. they will be.)
i enjoyed seeing maggie in her own world picking sour apples off the tree and ground.
(they were actually kind of good.)
i enjoyed seeing the childhood wonder as the kids divided up their $11.75,
making sure it was even.
enjoyed seeing will not worry about the extra change and genuinely not care.
enjoyed the time outside reading under a tree,
being with my kids,
and feeling like it was a summer day at it's finest.
also enjoyed the kid's willingness to help me pass out back to school hair flyers in the neighborhood.
they gave me hope that people will come.

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Uriona Family said...

Look how big they are getting!! I miss those faces. I miss you!

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