Friday, August 5, 2016

a little piece of me in them

my dad used to take me golfing.
sometimes i got to play
and other times i just walked and watched.
i made my own fun and memories as my imagination grew
while chasing golf balls,
dreaming of swimming in every pond to retrieve them,
and sneaking as many "free" balls as i could out of the trees.
sometimes my dad would let me hit a few balls in the fairway or on the green if no one else was around.
and on the rare occasion he got a cart,
he let me drive that too.
i don't think time has diluted these memories for me;
i know i really loved that time.
i learned a lot about golf by just watching,
i learned how to put with Sherman's phrases...
"you got to get it there, alice!"
i saw a lot of sunsets from bountiful ridge and bonneview,
and i sweated a lot on the UU course.
i also learned a new skill and confidence.
realizing my children know nothing about this part of me,
or have rarely had this type of experience with me,
i decided to take them to the driving range with me this morning.
so glad i did!!
they took my speech seriously about what i expected of them in this world of a grown up sport.
they were respectful and aware.
they listened to my golf lesson as i imparted every bit of training i ever received from my father.
and fun was had by all.
even me.
i could still drive the ball past the 150 yard mark
and hit it consistently.
it was all so familiar
and positive.
positive recalling something so good in my past,
positive sharing that with my children.
thanks, sherman, for giving me this.

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