Wednesday, August 3, 2016

one more down

maggie is down another tooth.
it's her 3rd tooth,
but this time it's the most significant tooth,
the 1st top front tooth,
the one that takes the baby look and turns it right into the look of a big kid.
now she looks big.
this has been a long time in the making.
it has been loose for months.
in maggie fashion, she checked it everyday and then left it alone.
she wanted it to fall out all on it's own,
and that's kind of how it happened.
it was gray from the dead root,
could be twisted almost all the way around,
and barely hanging on by a thread.
then she took a basketball to the face,
and it was out.
and she was thrilled.
she got a $1
and was glad the tooth fairy didn't actually keep the tooth.
she loves writing letters to the tooth fairy asking how much money her tooth is worth.
she's enjoying being big 
and trying to make the s sound correctly.

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