Tuesday, August 16, 2016

mommy sleepover

before we moved it wasn't unusual to wake up with a child in bed with us.
sometimes 1.
sometimes 2.
sometimes 3.
for whatever reason we have lost our bed partners in the new house.
a part of me has missed the closeness with them
while the other part has not missed the kick in the side
or elbow to the throat.
last night i was delighted to have 2 little guests plan a sleepover in our bed.
i couldn't help myself last night on a photo as i crawled into bed with maggie and will.
and this morning i couldn't help myself as i crawled out of bed to a new configuration of children.
sam joined at some point in the night,
and maggie changed position.
whatever their position,
i just loved the company,
and will never grow tired of having them close.

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