Friday, April 16, 2010


this week is over.
i feel good,
but i am TIRED.
i was recently talking with a friend about how different boys are than girls.
she has mostly girls.
she said boys are just busy and that can be easier than the drama of girls.
there are moments where i really wonder.
my boys have been awfully busy around here.
the pea soup recipe was just one of many incidents.
since then the boys have
busted open glow sticks and spilled them all over the bathroom,
then they decided it would be easier to cut them so they did and spilled them all over the kitchen,
made mud pies on the porch,
they broke the valances off the blinds in their room,
sam constructed an "ax" to chop down his door and put a few small holes in it,
who knows how they chipped the toilet seat on our new toilet 1 year old,
they shredded a few butterflies on maggie's wall and tried to convince me it was their pet toy lizard wallace; he was just sooo hungry,
new art work added to the wall with crayons and pencils,
oh, and they decided maggie's yellow crib needed a little blue color added to it.
these are just a few instances in addition to the normal things...
pouring juice on the floor,
dumping out baskets of toys,
using everything in sight for batman capes,
making couch cushion swimming pools,
dirty hands,
dirty hand smears all over the walls,
the work of sam trying to potty train will,
blanket forts for "woof-woof",
water puddles splashed out of the tub,
and on and on.
yes, perhaps my friend was right.
boys are just busy.
maybe at the end of the day i wish i wasn't so much of a girl
because i just can't always keep up.

now the question,
is miss maggie a wild thing in training?
will she be both emotional and busy?


Heidi said...

Ah, wow, what a fabulously fun week you have had. Congratulations on surviving it. :) Good job capturing the little things and remembering the big things.

Amazing to think how much boy/girl instinct we have. I already see the "boy" in Benjamin and the differences from Lilly. I'll need to gear up more for boy-toddler times. :) Maybe you can hope that Maggie will be a calming influence on the two? Either way, we get to celebrate the joys of motherhood! :)

Arin and Troy said...

This post makes me very nervous to have 2 boys soon!!!

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