Sunday, April 4, 2010

love, love, love

have i mentioned how much i love this baby!?
there's something a little different this time around.
i'm not sure if your capacity to love grows with each child.
perhaps it does.
but for me, i think it's something else.
when sam was born i was so caught up in how to do things "right" or by the book.
like what parenting philosophy was i going to use? and what did the "textbook" say about how to treat a newborn, etc.?
when will was born i was so concerned about his health and spending as much time as i could with him in the nicu.
i was also concerned about finding the right balance with sam during such a stressful time.
this time i feel so free.
so free to just love this new life.
there's no concerns about how to do it "right".
what's right is what feels right to me.
i'm going to hold her as much as i want.
i'm going to feed her as much as she wants.
i'm not worried about parenting techniques this time.
as for the boys, i'm letting them love her as much as they want to.
i am soaking up every smell, sound, and second with this baby.
it passes so, so quickly.
i love, love, love that i don't feel restrained this time around.
and i love, love, love this new baby.


Suzie said...

She is SO darling, beautiful, etc. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of her. In addition to the reasons you listed that things are different this time around, I have another for you: there's just something special about a daughter.

Anonymous said...

Wow I stared at her face so long and was truly amazed. LOOK AT HER EYES!!!!! Cant you see that expression. I have NEVER seen that deep of a look and fullness of face in any newborn. Cant wait to see her and everyone the end of the month

Amanda and Paul said...

CONGRATS! she is a doll.

The Nickell Family said...

Congrats to you and your family! I loved the picture of you and your family on your previous look FANTASTIC!

Ashly said...

Ahhhh - -she is SO cute. wow.

Sherrie said...

She is beautiful. I love that picture! Glad she is here and is doing well. I agree with you about feeling free to just enjoy your new blessing. With #3 I didn't feel bound by a bunch of rules or expectations and focused on enjoying here. Also, the recovery for me was soooo much easier. That helped. Sounds like you all are doing great!

sarah jane said...

she is adorable. i wish i could be there to hold her. i love you guys and glad everything went well

Stormy said...

Love the bow, love the outfit, love the hair she has on her head, LOVE everything about this pic! Do you still have the scrapbook page you made for Maggie 7 years ago!?!?! I can still picture in my mind what it looks like!

Jocee Bergeson said...

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you. I love how much you love her. And that you're having so much fun. Glad everything went well and I really can't believe she's really already here. Is that possible?! Seems surreal since I'm so far away! I think we'll be back last week of April. And I'll be dying to get my hair done. But maybe you won't be up for it. No pressure...just checking in. :)

wendy m said...

She is astonishingly beautiful!

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