Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the good, the bad, and the ugly

it's true that the last 3 weeks have been pretty seamless.
today was different though.
i got a taste of what it can be like with 3 kids.
it was one of those days where it seemed like someone was crying at all times.
even maggie.
she decided she would try crying for once.
i'm hoping she doesn't like it tomorrow.
will cried a lot, too.
you know, just the normal things...
tired, not happy about the way sam was playing, and if i left the room.
by about 4:30 i was almost crying, too.
i decided not to.
instead i just decided to sit in the rocking chair,
with everyone on my lap, including will with a naked bottom.
what a privilege.
thankfully will and maggie went to sleep.
that gave me just enough gas to finish the night.
but i am tired now.
i'm off to sleep.


katwalk said...

Jen what can I say as a mom is a lovely thing but I knew that sweet little baby would voice herself :)and the sun changed signs yesterday maybe everyone was a little bull headed JK one day at a time

Ashly said...

I'm scared! I'm not sure I'll be ready for all that when it comes!

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