Sunday, April 25, 2010

i don't want to miss a thing

i'm attempting these posts again just because the day to day moments around here are the things i don't want to forget.

sam: he is such a good big brother! sam & will went to a bday party together today. i got a positive report about how sam watched out for will the whole time and made sure he was always with him. that's the kind of brothers i had hoped they would be. i see a lot more of that at home now, too. i hope it is how they always will be.

will: he drives us crazy at dinner. he no longer sits in a high chair. but he should because he will not stay in his chair. he takes one bite and then is up wondering around the kitchen playing with whatever he can find, singing, and ignoring our requests to sit down. we have a rule that you can eat at the table or go play in your room. he chooses the play in your room option regularly.

maggie: you didn't love the car today. you woke up starving and screaming. it was so sad for so long i finally had to pull over to feed you. it was just what you needed because you went right back to sleep without another peep.

sam: we were outside watering the strawberries next to a broken window in our house. it broke a few days ago when the boys were out there playing. they insisted they didn't do anything to it. today sam told me that he really needed to tell me something. i was certain it was going to be that they did break the window. he didn't. instead he told me that he REALLY, REALLY wants to marry maggie when he grows up because she is just soooo cute!

will: i opened your blinds today in your room this morning, and you were so amazed. you said "how did you turn that light on!?" i loved watching you soak in the sun.

maggie: your 1st day wearing cloth diapers. so far so good. they are just so cute.

Sam: you heard about a father/son campout that our church is having in a few weeks. you are soooo excited to go. you keep calling it "man camp". you informed me that you want me to go there all day with you guys but i have to come home at night. because it is "man camp" only boys can sleep there.

Will: today you were holding maggie and she was crying a little. you told her in a sweet voice "don't cry. i'm not batman. i'm your big brother."

Maggie: you have cried a lot today. you act like you have a bad tummy ache. if you are like will, then we can blame it on all the garlic i ate yesterday.

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