Monday, August 10, 2009

perfect feet

another foot post... i know, i know, but my foot is all that has been consuming that emotional part of my brain for the last week. i haven't really been thinking about anything else. plus, my experience today is worth noting.
i went to get fitted for the brace today at least that's what i thought i was going for.
i was relieved that this guy thought that was a little jumping gun. he wants to start with redesigning my orthotic.
i LOVED this guy, like in the "you are so in touch with what you're doing" kind of way.
he spent 1 1/2 hours with me. he let me talk, a lot, and the best part was that he actually listened. he listened to everything that has worked for me in the past and what hasn't. he listened to what was important to me. but most importantly he listened to what I thought would work based on how my foot feels. and finally someone listened.
he put a 1/2 inch cushioned lift in the heel of my shoe along with my old orthotic. it was literally nothing more than this:

and guess what happened???
it actually worked! better than any other shoe insert i have ever had!
what a relief!
now it's on to designing an orthotic that's just like that combination, and i will work with that as long as i can.
he scared me straight today, too.
he asked me if i wanted to be noticeably bent to the side in 30 years.
of course i don't!
he highly encouraged me to do structural integration again every 2-3 weeks for the rest of my life to keep my back and hips aligned so they don't set in the misalignment like they are now. check, i WILL do that.
what a relief!
i'm glad i don't have to contemplate surgery right now.
i'm glad there are professionals out there that really have a gift for healing and not just the ability to be a doctor.
this guy definitely had that gift and insight.
and thank goodness i found him before someone else talked me into doing something permanently stupid.


Amanda and Paul said...

I am making my husband read this post. We need more doctors like that! I hope your foot continues to feel better.

The Nickell Family said...

I am so happy you found this guy! It sounds as if this just might be the thing for you and the pain you've been experiencing. Good luck! See you in a week!

Ganny said...

Was his name Tony? If you want me to I will try finding you some red patent slippers. Sounds good!!!!! I remember one clerk in OKCY was almost in tears as you and I were when he could not fit you. I can see PaPa smiling. Love Ganny

Stormy said...

That is wonderful news, Jennifer. It makes me happy knowing that you found someone that really listened and worked to figure out what will work best for YOU. I really can relate with the encounters with medical providers from all over the spectrum. It always feels like such a triumph when you find the one that is there for you and willing to figure out what is best for you. Congratulations!

Stormy said...

p.s. Your toes are so cute! Love that they match the blanket in the background. :D

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