Monday, August 24, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

we just returned from a camping trip with our neighbor norma and her daughter lisa. it was a beautiful, excluded camp despite the 38 degrees snowy weather. i love the connection the boys have with these fine people. i love that they wanted to crawl into bed with norma every morning to have her sing them the good morning son. what i loved the most was the wonder and fascination these boys have with this beautiful earth. there's no limit to all of the things that can interest them when given the freedom to roam. every stick becomes a treasure and every rock is the most beautiful one they've ever seen. i loved the imagination that came to life in them, and i was reminded of how i wish i still had that intensity in my imagination.
sam got his shoes stuck in the mud and pulled them off. i can't believe how long he wanted to walk barefoot on that cold, wet ground. the best was watching him wash his shoes off in the river.

will's wild side was sure brought out on this trip. i don't think i've ever seen him with so much energy!

Sam: i couldn't believe your cousin connection today with jeff's girls at their party. you ran so much, played so hard, and was interested in everything those girls said to you. you held their hands and wouldn't leave their side. i LOVE that you love your family; you love every cousin that you have and adore them all in a different way. i also couldn't believe your excitement at HC. you were literally jumping up and down excited to go on all the rides especially the rollercoaster. you also loved the bumper cars. you looked too little to be riding alone, but you were actually good at it. i can't believe you are growing up so fast! i have loved every stage you have been in, and this one is no different.

Will: you loved your cousins lots today, too. i always love that you think you are just one of the big kids and do whatever they do. however, you are a very independent little player, too. you mostly just wanted hang at the playground and follow emi whenever she was around. however, you loved HC, too, and always wanted to ride with the big kids without me. once again though, you were happy to ride the carousel over and over again even when no one else wanted to. you are at a fun stage, too, and i'm loving what an easy child you are.

Sam: you sure know how to touch your mother's heart. today when i was making dinner brought me in all the sunflowers that you picked out of our yard. you had a few with stems and informed me those were to put in water and one without a stem was for me to put in my hair. :) speaking of hair, i'm in a major dilemma with my color. you overheard pete and i talking about what i should do. you said "i have a great idea. why don't you make it yellow again. that's how i like it. i don't like it brown." thanks for the advice. another sweet night, too. you told me at bedtime that you love the me the most. i hope you always feel this way.

Will: you are a little monkey; i walked into the kitchen today to see you scaling the kitchen cabinets. you can now officially climb up the cabinets by putting your feet on top of the drawers. you are always wanting a snack and now you can just help yourself if i'm not looking.

a few of your favorites...
*your new favorite is digging in the rocks and dirt next to the salon. you get all the trucks and tractors and you will both spend a long time out there playing together.
*you both love giving calvin a treat of dog bacon and his medicine. you both always call who gets to go 1st; i give it to you at the same time, but you both think you are first.
*sam is always loving to race; we have to do it for everything, but it sure gets you going especially when you need to get dressed, make your bed, or pick up your toys. you always say you are 1st no matter what and say that no one else is second.
*playing store/restaurant. sam always gets all of the pots and pans and loads them with almonds, crackers, cereal, green beans, etc. and offers them for sale. we also have the choice of ordering whatever we want; his store carries everything. if we get really lucky he will use the food chopper and chop everything up to make a "pie". i haven't seen him so excited about anything for awhile as he was about his restaurant pie. :)
*playing the "wolf and the colored egg" game; sam is always making up games, too. there are always so many rules, and by the time we actually get to play no one is following the rules quite right. :)

Sam: you had your first sleepover at Auntie's. you were SO excited, and you ended up LOVING it. you stayed up until midnight, but you slept through the night and wasn't scared at all. you were wiped out when you got home tonight. you cried for about 45 minutes out of sheer exhaustion. i have to admit that i always want you spending the nights with your cousins and family, but i was a little sad that you are growing up so fast to do that stuff. i just love having you at home so much it's hard when you are gone.

Will: your favorite place to have a sleepover is in your mom and dad's bed. we thought it was only fair that you got to have that special treat tonight. that was far more exciting than sleeping over at someone else's house!

Sam: you wanted to go to the dr. with us today to see the fish. you were very concerned about will once we were there. you told me you wanted to make a list for you and will of 3 things. you said the 1st thing was for you to be a good big brother. i thought that was sweet.
you know how to loosen the straps on your car seat now. you keep them totally loose, and i know it's not safe. the dr. said you weigh enough to be in a booster. we tried it today, and you are still a touch too short. thank goodness! i'm not ready to make that safety jump yet!
Will: you had your 2 year check-up today. you weren't happy about it either. you would cry if anyone like the nurse or doctor even walked into the room. you would insist on wrapping your arms around my neck and not look at anyone. you did not love your shots either. you SCREAMED and held onto my neck for dear life! the important thing is that you are healthy; you're still little but healthy. you weighed 24 pounds and in the 9th percentile, 33 inches tall and in the the 13th percentile. i have always loved you staying little.

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