Sunday, August 16, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

(sorry, i love the potty shots! :) )

Sam: i remembered something so sweet he said at our family camping trip a few weeks ago. a family came over to our campsite and started using the volleyball court that was in our camp. the grown-ups were mumbling a little about them being in our camp. before we knew it sam went over to them and asked them if they would like to join us for dinner when they were finished. i LOVE that example! thank you, sam!

Will: you absolutely LOVE watching the slideshow video we made of our january disneyland trip. it's always the dvd in our player upstairs. several times throughout the day you open the armoire, turn the tv on and come and get me saying "disneyland". to be honest, i LOVE that you enjoy watching those family memories; pleasant memories our family is what i desire to be etched in your heart more than almost anything else. hopefully this is a start.

Sam: today i was complaining about how will's high chair is always dirty, and i swear no matter how often i clean it it's still always dirty. anyway, i was mumbling out loud about why the chair was so disgusting. sam said, "well, mom, i don't think you've cleaned it for awhile." good point, sam, probably not often enough.

Will: you love getting in our bed almost every night, but the way you do it is pretty funny. i put you to bed in your bed like normal, and you tell me to "go". after you're certain i'm gone downstairs you go get in our bed to go to sleep. you are even learning that you need to wait for sam to go to sleep or else he will tattle on you and you will be placed back in your bed. you're sneaky!

Sam: i was the jerk tonight. the 1 1/2 hour bedtime tonight was about to do me in. the boys would just not go to sleep. they wanted to sleep together, but will wouldn't stop pestering sam. i started yelling at them to knock it off, and then sam started crying. he said he was sad because i was hurting his feelings. i don't ever want my kids to feel like i'm hurting their feelings! i feel horrible!

Will: you love shoes. you love wearing everyones shoes even yours. i love how you get them out of your drawer whenever you want to do something, and i love that you put them back in your drawer when you take them off. perhaps you could remind sam when he's not reminding himself.

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Arin and Troy said...

Those boys are something else...

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