Sunday, August 2, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

just a recap of some of the things that have happened over the last few weeks. only 2 more weeks before pete goes back to school, and i am planning on falling back into a routine of doing many of the things i've overlooked while having him home. it's just been so much fun having him here we haven't done anything else besides play and work. anyways, a few noteworthy things...

Sam: i made hobo dinners one night, and he LOVED them! i have never seen him have this type of reaction to food. he was devouring it saying how delicious it was and how much he loved it. he said "this is way too good. it's better than chuckee cheeses!" thank goodness.

Will: you are definitely the peacemaker in our home. sam was totally throwing a fit because he didn't want to share the markers with you. i finally was able to convince him to give you one even though it made him scream harder. you held it for a few seconds, looked at sam, and gave it back to him. you tried to hug him saying "(S)AM. (S)AM." that's how you always are. if sam won't share then you just hug him. if sam's crying you will always go to him to hug him. you are a tenderhearted brother.

Sam: we recently went camping with my family. while in the pool you gave us a little scare. you just walked a little where you couldn't touch with no one seeing you. thank goodness auntie sawing you bobbing up and down in the water. it totally scared me, but you were fine.

Will: you also gave us a little scare on the camping trip. in a matter of a minute you disappeared from camp. the scary part is there was a river next to our camp, but it was blocked by an embankment. you climb up the embankment and had gotten pretty far before pete found you. that was scary! i'm still thankful you went across instead of down or you would've been history!

Sam: you've been being a little physically explosive at your brother when he makes you mad. you totally lash out on him by squeezing, hitting, biting him, etc. i'm just not sure how to handle it, but i'm not happy about it. we were at costco and both of you were riding in the basket of the cart. will kicked you, so you bit his toe until bled. not good, sam. not good at all. :(

Will: you've sure been looking hammered lately. you got quite the black eye after you scraped your face. you and sam were jumping on the couch and you fell into the edge of the table. poor baby.

Sam: you guys spent the night at gma jane's while pete & i went overnight for our anniversary. you were so cute when she was putting you to bed. she read you a story and was laying with you. after the story you told her "now my mom normally talks about things." that touched my heart because i LOVE how you want to talk about whatever is on your mind every night. lately every night you want to talk about how you want to take care of the earth and you want to know what the earth is made of. i LOVE this tradition, and i'm happy that you love it, too. i hope this is a tradition that lasts until you leave our home. :)

Will: you are loving your big boy bed. you're pretty good about staying in it. we still have to lay with you, and occasionally you find your way to our bed at night. i don't mind. i love laying with you, and i love the special treat of having you in bed snuggling all the way to me. i used to worry that i shouldn't let your sleeping habits be like that. i'm not worried anymore. one day i will turn around and you will be 16; i want to remember that i took EVERY opportunity to snuggle you.

Sam: this has got to be one of the funniest things you have said to me lately. you told me another reason you don't like to go to primary. you said "i don't like primary because everyone is always calling me sunbeam. they keep forgetting that i am a sam!" i'm still laughing about that one!

Will: you love feeding calvin food from your high chair when no one is looking, but if he takes food out of your hand when you're not wanting him to you then you really let him have it. you slap him and say NO!

some of my favorite tender memories about you boys lately.... seeing sam putting his arm around will the whole time they are riding in the bike trailer, seeing will always wanting to hold sam's hand and sam letting him, sam trying to put will for a nap in sam's bed; sam asked him if he wanted to talk about things, so they were saying all kinds of silly things like what's in a wall and laughing their heads off. sam telling me he would take care of will when they spent the night at gma jane's and that he could sleep with him. i LOVE having boys!!!

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sarah jane said...

I love the pictures and this post every week. But I have a question, do you know why you took a picture of Sam and Will around your garbage can?? Ha ha

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