Sunday, August 30, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i've just been feeling like i needed a day for it to be all about your boys. for part of that we walked to the tractor park in the wagon. i knew it would take a long time, but that was what the day was for. we picked lots of acorns along the way, and by the time we got to the park our wagon was 1/2 full of snails you boys had collected. everything is always a treasure... a rock, a stick, a string. i love that. for me, every second of being with you boys is a treasure. the memory of seeing you boys running across the soccer field, will running as fast as he could to catch sam laughing the whole way, i hope will forever be etched in my heart. sam fell down laughing and waiting for will. as soon as will caught up he fell down right beside him mimicking his every move and laughter. i thought the 2 of you were never going to stop laughing. i'm glad i took the time for the day to be about you in these simple yet irreplaceable moments.

you boys have really been loving calvin lately. you're always trying to get him to play your games with you, and you're always trying to get him on your beds. he always is willing to get up there, and he doesn't even seem to mind the noisy jumping all around him. the funniest thing happened today. sam was playing in a karate suit and was pretending to do karate. calvin got involved and was playing/biting back. sam's response was "wow, calvin, i didn't know you knew how to do karate!" i'm still laughing about that one!

both of you have been stinkers at bedtime. i'm frustrated with how long it takes to get you to bed, and then even after all that time you both still get out! i've had it; i've put pete in charge of bedtime until you both stay in your beds. so far it's working. that's good, but a little frustrating. what does he do that i don't???

Sam: you LOVE helping me cook! you want to do anything i will let you. you came in today and saw that i started dinner without you. you immediately fell apart saying "pleeeeeaase don't start without me! pleeeeeeeaaaaase let me help!" i'm glad you're such a great helper. tonight you cut up a cantaloupe (not with a sharp knife), and you took it so serious and did it so perfectly. pretty much you just love dinner i think. almost every night at dinner you thank me for making such a delicious dinner. :)
Will: you had a scary fall today. you fell off your seat at the school desk while we were painting and hit your mouth on the desk. your mouth was bleeding like crazy, and i was afraid it was your tooth. it was. thankfully it wasn't as bad as it seemed; you knocked it out alignment and knocked it loose. i was afraid you were going to lose it eventually; i took you to the dentist, but thankfully it will heal with no lasting effect.

you boys love when dad and i go on a date because you know that means staying at someone's house that you love without us there. a lot of times you ask me if we will go on a date so you can go to norma's. tonight we did go on a date, and you were both thrilled to be at norma's without us. not to mention, we love the break, too. :)

we finally made it to the ogden farmer's market today; it's our favorite one. sam has been asking for it all year. he couldn't wait for the huge carrots and the train rides. will loved it, too. he mostly loved the playground. a few days ago i was talking to sam about stores. i asked him what his favorite store was and he said "Oh, the farmer's market!"

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