Thursday, April 19, 2012

will again

remember how will recently learned to ride a bike?
and remember how he does it all day?
and how he crosses the street almost by himself now to get to the sidewalk?
and how he rides with 1 foot on the handle bars?
and how he can go around the block by himself?
and how he is constantly wanting to go on a real bike ride?
and how he loves riding to the bike jump with pete?
and how he wants to build a bike jump with hard dirt in our backyard?
and how he even rides in the rain?
yes, you read that right.
he even rides in the rain.
not without a plan though.
my kids always have a plan or invention.
this one was pretty sweet.
he wanted the umbrella to be taped to his bike to keep him covered.
with what i like to call a little "mom magic",
this bike invention was born.

will rode it.
he loved it.
until he discovered the flawed design.
something about hitting a bump would cause the umbrella to come unlatched and close on him.
he eventually decided it was easier to ride in the rain than it was to ride with a closed umbrella on your head.

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