Wednesday, April 18, 2012

fleeting moments

it rained again today.
i had things on my list today for the kids to do.
you know, painting & stuff like that.
my list paled in comparison to my children's natural rhythm.
when maggie refused to come inside this morning despite the rain,
i conceded,
and i let her lead.
she led me on a game of musical chairs using the chairs i'm working on painting.
she led me on a scooter ride across the street,
at first with just her on,
and then with me on too for more balance.
then she found her way to the street gutter.
it was a torrent of rushing water.
such magic in watching the water barrel down the hill and then disappear down a large drain!
even i felt the magic.
she threw in leaves, pinecones, and sticks,
bidding each farewell with a giddy "bye-bye".
then she led her brother to that same magical spot when he got home.
these are the moments that i find myself wishing would never end.
just as this rain will pass,
i know the moments will pass too.
and as i find myself wishing for one more year with will at home,
i will hold onto days like this
and maximize what we do have.
then just as quickly the sun will come,
and it will be a new moment.


Ganny said...

Fun, Fun........and more fun!!!!!!

Arin and Troy said...

Stockton is not allowed to be friends with Will anymore after seeing that shirt!!

Vanderlinden Clan said...

we roll vintage around here. the part you can't see is that it says world championship 1985. those are the days when the nba wasn't run by a bunch of gangsters and when the lakers were really about basketball. that's what i want my kids to support. :)

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