Sunday, April 22, 2012

we love the earth

today is earth day.
we spent the day outside doing the things we love,
even riding our bikes to church.
our parenting philosophy has been to allow our children fall in love with the earth.
then they will take care of it.
you will only tend to the things you love.
and they do love it,
especially things in their own backyard.

maggie loves the birds.
all day she wants to go and search for them.
she tiptoes around quietly as to not scare them off.
we have been observing the 2 nests that are built on our back porch every year.

we all love trees,
the apple trees,
the new cherry tree (sam is already identifying the small cherry buds & watching everyday for new growth. he can't wait),
and my personal favorite, the lilac bush.

swinging is a huge hit around here.
mag loves being pushed in the blue swing until she falls asleep.
will & sam are constantly jumping out of the tree on the disc swing,
and will pumps himself all the time on the yellow one.
we do lots of swinging.

the trampoline provides endless hours of outdoor playing.

this is just a snippet of their constantly expanding love of all things outdoors.

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Ganny said...

What a kids life!!!! energy and wonders.

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