Monday, April 16, 2012

the "know i can do that" boy

our goal for spring break was to teach will to ride a bike with no training wheels.
little did we know that we wouldn't have to do any teaching at all.
pete put him on the bike, gave him a little push, and off he went.
he did it on the 1st try,
and he hasn't stopped riding since.
as we crossed the street for the sidewalk,
will said as confidently as he is:
"i know i can do this."
we kind of knew it, too.
that is exactly the kind of kid will is.
full of silent confidence.
he knows his abilities,
and he uses them as he needs.
it is just who he is.
now he does it on a bike.
all day.
by himself.
bless this child.

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Ganny said...

Way to go WILL>

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