Monday, April 16, 2012

tales of easter

 i know easter has passed.
it is my favorite holiday so a little documentation is appropriate.
i love it because i love spring.
the sun just seems to shine differently on easter.
maybe a little brighter?
something about seeing the earth in this awakening stage brings me renewal,
and i love that feeling.
i love easter,
but i also love easter outfits.
i always pretend that i should live in the south and make these totally foo foo outfits for my kids,
complete with petticoats, easter bonnets, knickers, & dutch boy hats.
i don't live in the south,
and despite how i tried i couldn't find knickers for my boys.
maggie was not nearly as foo foo as i would dream about,
but i did make her dress and petticoat nonetheless.
the boys got coordinating ties.
perhaps my easter dream closer to being fulfilled.

will added a new element to my dream.
he wanted to wear his bunny suit for the easter egg hunt.
so typical.

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Ganny said...

Way Way too cute!!!!!!

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