Monday, April 30, 2012

just in case you didn't know

1. always pay your hairstylist at your appointment. you know it will cost money... pretty much the same every time. you know you will need to bring a checkbook or cash. i get you might forget from time to time. i so get that. but every time? come on. and then how you sometimes think you don't have to pay because i'm cutting your kids (remember, they are actually teenagers.). and sometimes how you forget forever. that's not cool. cut and pay. it should be that simple.

2. never tell a mom with a 2 year old throwing a fit (the 2-year-old, not the mother) that it looks like your baby runs the house. what on earth is a mother supposed to say to that!?! i just say "i know" because i would like to get back to dealing with an age appropriate behavior for my child while i'm trying to catch her brothers on their bikes. and plus, don't you think i already know that? or would you rather me try to explain to you how i'm happy she's throwing a fit like this with me because it means she feels safe enough with me to express how she really feels. and perhaps that may be why she stops the fit when someone else takes her, the safety thing goes away. bottom line, the best way to help is to just not say anything at all. stare if you must, but keep your comments to yourself.

and, now that's out, maybe i won't be grumpy in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm...pretty much feel the same way to number 1.
do not worry your the best!


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