Wednesday, June 23, 2010

we are here

we have arrived to our oregon coast cottage.
the trip was better than expected.
our home is perfect.
and the beach is just how we remembered.
our boys are in heaven.
we are in heaven.
the only drawback to our place is that we have no internet.
blogging will be very difficult,
and blogging with pictures will be almost impossible.
that makes me very sad.
so much to see and say.
anyone know of some savvy, modern way to get internet by the month?
we don't have phones that will support it (i know, we are SO old-fashioned),
but it just seems there has to be another way to get it to our computer.
tips, help, advice?
we have so much to share.


Anonymous said...

Try Cricket Broadband. It's only $40 a month and there's no contract!

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

What a bummer! Several times a day I wonder what you guys are doing and wish I could 'see' it for myself. I was counting on the blog to make the separation easier!

Meghan said...

hey jen, i don't know how to get monthly internet, but if i were you i would type them up with dates, and then when you have access you can upload a bunch of them. then at least you don't lose all the thoughts and stuff. have fun. i'm jealous of your adventure.

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