Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cannon beach take 2

as i mentioned in the last post,
we love cannon beach.
we did do more this trip there than just watch sam swim in the ocean.
we had the rare opportunity of have the tide out long enough to walk out to haystack rock and explore the tide pools.
for you "goonie" movie experts, you should know haystack rock.
it is the big rock in the ocean in the final scene when the ship appears on the beach.
yes, we are fans of "the goonies".
and, yes, we are sad that we missed the 25th anniversary celebration here of "the goonies" by 1 week.
i digress.
back to haystack rock.
we saw many amazing creatures on this tidal pool excursion.
star fish, anemone, mussels, crabs, fish, etc.
sam even got to hold a live crab in his hand.
will wasn't going for that.
oh, and don't forget the dead seal that washed up onto the beach.
we were all fascinated by all that we saw.
cannon beach is one of our favorite places.

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