Thursday, June 10, 2010

packing up

our oregon trip is only 1 week away.
i've dreamed of so many things that i wanted to make before we went.
i put it off until now because i wanted it to feel closer;
i thought it would feel more exciting.
well, exactly what i didn't want to happen has happened.
i'm almost out of time.
i'm cracking down now,
and i recently finished one of the projects,
the boys' travel/beach backpacks.
they love them,
and i love them.
i loved it so much i made an extra.
i have listed it in my etsy shop,
so if you love it, too, then head on over to the shop and make it yours.

1 comment:

Ganny said...

those are real cute. I wonder what Sam and Will have in them!!????? Bet they were fun to make. I have cut fabric for three days. I finally just stopped this afternoon, as I was really tired of it. I will start putting it all together before long. The Nicarauga trip is not until Sept. John packed three cases with the things I got together for Honduras. I would love to be there to give it away, and see the mommies smile when they receive something for their little children. SAD!!!!

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