Sunday, June 6, 2010

turning over a new leaf

maggie's favorite person up to this point has NOT been pete.
i'm thinking that after today that could all be changing.
today was her baby blessing,
and pete was the administrator of that blessing.
this was not just any old baby blessing.
it was the most personal, tender blessing i have ever heard.
he blessed her with courage, wisdom, kindness, and love.
the most touching part was his reminder to her that he almost didn't get to meet her.
as an emotional dad delivered such a tender message,
it truly felt like no one was there except for pete & maggie.
you could almost feel maggie "getting it".
i think she might just feel differently about her dad now.

we are so grateful to have her,
and that will never change.


katwalk said...

Yes it was a very special blessing, even though I still think they are both keeping some secrets of a time together they shared on the other side, truely think she was pushing him back to this life. Very thankful that Pete was the one giving her blessing, just would not of been right anyother way :)Great job Pete

The Nickell Family said...

What a special day. She looks beautiful!

sarah jane said...

I wish I could have been there, the pictures are beautiful.

Ganny said...

sounds nice. I know it was a good day for everyone.

sugar&sweet said...

i notice jen,when i see this pic,and i look more closely,you look ten years younger than your age maybe the baby makes you bloom.

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