Monday, June 28, 2010

father's day & a trip to church

june 20

we did find our church here;
i love to visit a new ward on a vacation.
i love the break and fresh perspective.
today was no different.
sam was so brave to go to primary by himself.
his teacher came out several times to tell me how well-behaved he was.
will didn't love nursery.
i enjoyed my time;
i made 2 new friends who were pleasant to talk to.
they gave me the inside scoop on the area.
pete enjoyed the homemade baked goods they gave for a father's day treat.
the part we will chuckle about is the showdown we witnessed between the bishop and the scout lady.
we laughed when she pulled out "the bottom line" phrase.
definitely worth it today.

i'm sure this post was not that interesting;
many of these posts will just be to serve as a record of this trip for us to recall many years from now.

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