Thursday, October 22, 2009

i need this night

do you ever have a night that you want just for you? a night to not have do anything except for exactly what you want? well, i do. and tonight is one of those nights. what my brain needs is a night to create something from start to finish. i need that satisfaction. however, tonight it's not so easy. i don't have any ideas. i'm frustrated by that. especially because i have seen so many talented people and their creative projects lately. i'm capable, but these people are definitely in a league far above where i can only hope to end up.
i wish i was more like soulemama who can sit down in an evening and use thrifted fabric to create a beautiful outfit for her daughter.

i wish i was more like liz and be able to make such trendy things and look as perfect as her and have my house be as clean as hers while i'm doing it.

or i wish i was more like v&co who just creates anything out of practically nothing like these cute balls.

and that's not even scratching the surface. i know i'm just feeling sorry for myself, and i know i shouldn't. i know i should stop wasting time here and get up and start doing something, something that I'M good at. like making sam's bday invitations look like they are straight out of 1995. that's the kind of stuff i'm good at. :)


Heidi said...

Oh Jen, you are so creative! I look at my pillow and think of your wonderful! Thanks for sharing your voice and enthusiasm for handmade lovelies, etc. I need to get my sewing machine out and play. Take care!

Ganny said...

I don't really care too much for the little girls outfit, amd the womans blouse is tacky. The balls look like you would be into rug making. Hee hee I was at Hancocks today and picked up two new baby quilt books. Happy Days Quilts and Taddpole Quilts for Baby-designs by Tammy Tadd. Some New Cute designs.I have told Nancy (one more time) that I will no longer sew for MoBetta after my birthday # 80. I have lots of other things to do and not too long to do them. Ganny

Arin and Troy said...

I agree with Ganny, that little girl is going to grow up and look at that picture of her and be embarrassed that her mother dressed her in what looks like rags. And that one ladies' shirt is tacky, if you wore that, I would only make fun of you. The balls are semi-cute. The stuff you have made is much cuter than any of that! Dont worry about doing stuff like everyone else, just do the stuff YOU like!

Arin and Troy said...

I had to add a follow up comment after reading the post on soulemama's blog. Now that I know that is a scarf, not a shirt it isnt AS ugly as I thought it was, but still, not very cute. :)

Stormy said...

Jennifer, you're so talented that you could totally put on a Super Saturday on a ward AND stake level!!!

Ganny said...

I read her blog also, and like Arin, I too think well!!!! maybe??????? hmmmmmmmm Creative, yes!!!!! Georgous???? not really. practical????????not very..cute pants??????yes

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