Monday, October 26, 2009


thank you all for the kind comments on my last post; your reassurance is meaningful and important to me, so thank you. plus, i just wanted to leave a follow-up. i did create that night, from start to finish. i made sam's bday invitations which turned out fine. they had the 1990s look to them, but i'm ok with that. pete reminded me that that was when i was in my prime, so i need to be grateful that i can still pull off my prime. grateful i am.

i know i was just having a downer evening. i woke the next day recommitted to doing the things that represent me, my family, and my interests, and that i do know how to do and do it well for me. i really am grateful for my capabilities and interests and am always trying to embrace that. i love that what i created that night said "party" as it's main theme. it was a reminder to me to have my life be a party of the things i enjoy. i've created a few things since that night, and i hope to keep "partying" on with many more future creations.


Arin and Troy said...

I still havent checked the mail for Sam's invitation, i am going to have to do that first thing tomorrow morning. :)

Ganny said...

Cute invitation...... Life is a party..... We can be the person, that makes everyone happy we came,...... OR.... we can be the person that everyone wishes we would have stayed home.....Ganny

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