Sunday, October 18, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

Sam: today you asked me if girls ever toot. i had to laugh; you probably wonder since that's not something you ever hear your mother do and thank goodness for that. but why would you even be thinking that!?

Will: you have started saying a new phrase, one that i can't say i love. it's "go away!!", and you use it every time you're not getting what you want. hope you grow out of that one soon. :)

Sam: you are a grateful child. i LOVE what you do at dinner almost every night. you come into the kitchen as i'm putting everything on the table and comment on how good everything smells. then as soon as you taste something you always say it's so delicious and thank me for making it. WOW! what kind of mother doesn't love that!? i love that you have a dad who has set that example for you almost every day of your life.

Will: i LOVE that you and i have the mornings alone together tues-thurs. while sam is at preschool or playgroup. i always try to make it a special time because i know you haven't gotten near the one on one time like a first child gets. i have really bonded with you during this time, and i've realized what an easy child you are. it's so easy to take you places; you just stay in the cart and sing. today we went shopping, and i let you hold a toy while you were in the cart. anytime you would drop and i would hand it back to you you would always say "thank you, mommy." in your sweetest little voice. i think it has been good for you, too. you are always telling me now that you are mama's boy.

Sam: i can't believe how you have turned into the family peacemaker. you are a very sensitive child and are always wanting everyone to be happy. today will spilled a glass of orange juice all over the couch. i can't say i was thrilled about it since i just cleaned the couches on saturday. i'm certain i could've had a more positive reaction, and you quickly and kindly reminded me of what that reaction should have been. you said, "mommy, i have a great idea. let's be nice to scooter and not yell. let's always be kind to everyone." that sounded awfully familiar like something i've heard myself say 100 times; i'm glad it is making an impact on you and that you want to be kind.

Will: you are very scared of halloween masks, actually downright terrified. we took you to frightmares a few weeks ago and you saw guys in scary costumes, and you have not been the same since. you are constantly talking about the "(s)cary guy" the "(S)cary guy" is always "get me". you say often that the scary hit you or bit you. it's actually really sad; you have trouble staying in your bed at night because you are saying that the scary guy is getting you. you must feel terrified for as often as you talk about it. i hope we can get those "(s)cary guys" out of your head soon.

Sam: i love this story. this morning you went in your room and shut the door so you could get dressed. after 10 minutes or so you came out to show me what you did in your room. sometimes that can be scary, so i was prepared for the worst. however, i was pleasantly surprised. your room was spotless, and the bed was made almost perfectly, complete with pillows. i was so proud and let you know how happy i was. i asked how you knew how to make your bed all by yourself, and your response made me smile. you said a little annoyed "because you show me every single day." well, i'm grateful you're paying attention.

Will: you certainly have a bedtime routine. you will not go to sleep unless pete is the last one to say goodnight. i attempt the whole drill, but you cry every time unless pete comes in after me. it's so strange. it's even starting to be that way at naptime. if it's just me home i can't always get you to take a nap. if pete is home, then you always do. it's funny to listen to you when you won't take a nap. you still stay in your bed and read books to yourself mixed with a little singing. you really have a mild, sweet, and easy disposition even if it's masked in strange ways like not going to sleep unless pete is there.

your cousin Jade has been here visiting, and you boys are always very excited about that. you love her. tons. sam, you are so gentle and sweet with her, and will, you love being her best friend. the 2 of you have great chemistry. you can both be stinkers to each other, but you take turns at it and no one ever seems to mind. i loved how at the farm jade kept trying to give you crackers and you kept slapping at them telling her no. she didn't mind, and she kept doing it. you're just funny together. i wish she lived closer, and i wish i would've taken pics of you guys together.

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Stormy said...

Jennifer, it blows my mind that you have never "tooted" in front of your kids. Please tell me that's not the true for Pete as well! So how did you answer Sam's question?

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